Other Treatments

Antiwrinkle injections can also be used to treat many other things, not only wrinkles! These include:

Gummy smile treatment

A gummy smile is when more than 5mm of the gum is visible on smiling. This is not abnormal, but some people do not like it’s appearance. By using injections to weaken the muscle which causes the upper lip to lift, I can reduce the amount of gum on show.


Excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

While sweating is normal, excessive sweating can negatively impact on a persons quality of life. When this occurs in the underarms it is termed excessive axillary hyperhidrosis. By using injections we can reduce this sweating by up to 87%, meaning you can live a normal life.
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Teeth grinding/face slimming

The masseter muscle runs between the jaw bone and cheek bone and is responsible for chewing. Excessive use of this muscle and teeth grinding (bruxism) can cause the muscle to enlarge, giving a more squared facial appearance and also pain such as headaches. By reducing the activity of this muscle with some injections we can cause both a slimming effect and also get rid of that tension clenching or grinding that is uncomfortable.

Lip flip

A lip flip is created using a number of small injections above the upper lip to relax the muscle and allow the lip, to roll back and slightly outward. This gives a fuller appearance without actually using filler.

Cobbled chin

A pebbled or cobbled appearance on the chin is caused by the muscle underneath it. I can target this muscle with an injection to relax it and create a smoother look, balancing the bottom half of the face.

Downturned mouth

A downturned mouth can often be corrected with a small number of injections, relaxing the muscles at either side of the mouth, allowing the corners to turn upward.

Eyebrow lift

A chemical brow lift is a small injection into the eyebrow region to cause the eyebrow to lift upwards.