Dermal Fillers

Before any treatment and every visit, an in-depth consultation will take place. This will allow me to understand what you want to achieve. Numbing cream will then be applied (if required) and while we wait for the cream to take its full affect, you will be handed a consent form to complete. Once the numbing cream is in full affect, I will start with a treatment. I like to keep our patients involved during the treatment, so together we can achieve exactly what you want, because at the end of the day I want you to leave very happy, loving your enhancement and feeling that little bit more confident.

Depending on what treatment you are getting, it lasts roughly as stated below;

  • Lip Enhancement – 6 months
  • Cheek Augmentation – 12-18 months
  • Nasolabial Folds – 12-18 months
  • Corner of the mouth – 12-18 months

*Please note, this will vary per person, as it is based on many factors such as skin type, skin condition, age, lifestyle and natural metabolism.

Results are instant, however, sometimes swelling can occur, so you will see the final result up to 2 weeks after the initial treatment.

Fillers usually take 30-60 minutes, however, this also depends on the client, and how often I will need to stop throughout the treatment.

The pain depends on which treatment you are getting, and also depends on your own pain threshold. Some may feel no pain at all, whereas others will feel slight pain. I do use numbing cream to help with the pain, and to give you a more comfortable experience. I can also provide a dental block, to remove the pain for certain treatments.

With Dermal Fillers, there may be swelling and/or bruising after the treatment (which is very normal). On average swelling fades within 48 hours, and bruising could take up to 2 weeks.

Before any treatment, and every visit, an in-depth consultation will take place, during which all your questions and concerns will be addressed. We will work together to reach the conclusion, of whether or not it is for you, and what treatment would be best for you.

The side effects of Dermal Filler is that there may be some mild bruising and swelling (which is very normal). There may be a little bit of redness in the injected areas. Some treatments may have side affects in the long term, but chances are very slim, however this will all be explained to you during the consultation before the treatment.

With all treatments, you should be able to return to work the same day or the following day.

No permanent marks will be left after any treatment. There may be just a little bruising, that usually goes away after a few days.

Absolutely! As fillers are a hyaluronic acid, which is a sugar molecule, that occurs naturally in the human body. Your safety is my number one priority. All our treatments are safe. Some treatments may have side effects, but this will all be explained to you during the consultation, before the treatment.

Absolutely not! Male or Female, we all want to look our best and stay looking young.

Although it is unlikely to have an effect on you or your baby, I suggest to wait, after you deliver, and finish breastfeeding. Therefore, I will not treat you if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

You have to be 18+ for treatment. Please make sure you have some sort of ID with you for the treatments.

Yes of course! Just let me know before the appointment.

Antiwrinkle Treatments

When treating fine lines and wrinkles, the botulinum toxin is injected into targeted muscles on the face or neck. This temporarily relaxes the targeted muscles, causing fine lines and wrinkles to diminish. The effect lasts about 3 to 4 months - and sometimes longer.

When treating excessive sweating, a number of injections are placed directly into the skin on the underarm. A single treatment can provide up to 6 months of relief from excessive sweating.

To maintain a natural expression, we inject just enough to weaken and relax the targeted muscles without affecting other muscles.
No. This treatment does not affect your ability to feel.

You can have another treatment, when the excessive sweating or lines and wrinkles return. With repeat treatment, for lines and wrinkles, the muscle may thin, leading to longer-lasting results.

Most people return to their everyday activities immediately.

To prevent the injected substance from spreading to areas where you do not want it, you’ll need to take a few precautions:

  • Do not rub or massage the areas where you received the injections.
  • If you apply makeup, take care not to press or rub it in, and wait at least 4 hours.
  • Wait 24 hours before you engage in strenuous physical activity. This includes lifting heavy items, working out, and any other physical activity that raises your heart rate.
  • Do not drink alcohol.

If a patient develops side effects, these tend to be mild and temporary. The injections, rather than the botulinum toxin itself, cause most mild side effects. For example, a patient may occasionally bruise. If this happens, the bruising lasts about 1 week.

After receiving injections, people have experienced:

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Soreness
  • Bruising
  • Mild headache (uncommon)
  • Weakness in a neighbouring muscle, leading to a temporarily droopy brow or eyelid (rare)
  • Signs and symptoms of botulism, including problems breathing, swallowing, or speaking (very rare)

More than 20 years ago, a dermatologist and his wife, an ophthalmologist, began using botulinum toxin therapy to treat signs of ageing. Today, medical professionals inject millions of patients each year.

When used by a medical professional, to treat signs of ageing, or excessive sweating, no serious side effects, for example problems breathing, or swallowing have ever been reported, and I make patient safety my number 1 priority.